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Printable Quiz

The main Pop Quiz. Questions, lyrics, anagrams, videos etc from the 60's, right up to the present day. Print it out and take it to work or down the pub.


15 stills from videos.

Interactive Quiz

The questions in a multiple choice mode. The questions are the same as those on the printable version. Javascript/active content must be enabled.


Answers to the printable quiz.


On this day in music : birthdays, events and deaths.


Interesting snippets of information from the music world.


Whatever happened to ...the latest : Sophie B. Hawkins

The Pop Quiz

The Main Quiz

The quiz site is available in 2 formats; in printable form or as an interactive multiple choice quiz. . I hope it proves useful, whether you are planning a quiz and using some of them or taking part as a bit of fun. I have listed them randomly, rather than separating by decade for example.
Most of these questions I have used in quizzes over the years so have been thoroughly researched. However, if you are using any for your quiz night, it is advisable to double check that they are correct, in case data or references have changed since uploading.

The questions are listed with the answers on a separate page. The questions are also available in interactive form with a multiple choice option.
Most of them are the same on both printable and interactive options; however, a few will only appear on one or the other, depending on the nature of the question. For example, ones that require a bit of working out will not appear on the interactive site. If you have any comments, suggestions or corrections you can e-mail me at

Over 100,000 Visitors and counting...

The pop quiz has surpassed 100,000 visitors, many thanks for your support.

General Knowledge Quiz

There is also a General Knowledge site here with a music section, where you can find other music questions.

Forthcoming Quiz Nights :

Tba - Pop Quiz at The Park Hotel, Barry. 8:30pm - Great pop quiz covering all decades but beware, there are some serious pop quizzers there.
December 2016 - Date tbc - Andy Bruce's Pop Quiz at The Canton Cross, Cardiff. 9pm
if you hold a regular pop quiz in South Wales, please e-mail with details and I'll add it to the list, thanks.

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